How Punk Music Began

Death to all butt metal, no, it’s but metal and that’s hair metal. Oh, come on getting over it already, moving on. Punk rock has come a very long way from its not so humble beginnings; the first bands to enter this genre back in the 70s were the Ramones, the damned, the clash and the sex pistols. Yes, that’s right the SEX PISTOLS! With names like that by now at the back of your mind, you should know that punk rock is a middle finger to mainstream bands such as that band led by Celine Dion.

Pfft, Celine Dion doesn’t have a band, that again? You get the point; the term “punk rock” in the past was used to describe garage bands. You know because kids back then were a little creative when compared to today’s babies who sit around all day watching the Kardashians and blame their parents when they grow up to become hipsters.

There are people who believe that punk rock started way back in the 60s, why? Back then we saw the rise of bands such as the Sonics and velvet underground. The problem is most people considered and still consider most songs by these bands for lack of better words noise

Forward to the 80s punk rock goes hard, this was the age where aggressive styles such as street punk and hardcore came up. The most notable bands in the street punk genre were the rancid, the exploited and the anti-flag.

I know you are too young to remember these bands or if you are a 90s baby, mom probably kept you away from listening to them.

The 20th Century

As the 20th century quickly came to its end, punk rock was betrayed, betrayed I tell you betrayed! It went the mainstream. And we got a new mushy version known as pop punk, remember the Offspring, Green day and those guys who love to run around naked aka my favorite band blink-182? They were largely responsible for this.

The good thing is these bands were responsible for some of the best songs in punk rock history, so we forgive them for that. To show you how awesome these bands check out the following songs:

The Offsprings: original prankster

Greenday: American idiot

Blink 182: all the small things

Bonus song: Avril Lavigne

Avril made it to this list for one very simple reason, that video has a real life bear-shark.

You can say that punk rock exploded in the 70s and became the solid musical force that it is today. And we have the bands mentioned above to thank for all this.

You may not know this but today there are over 13 punk rock genres including:

  • Deathrock: I wouldn’t want to listen to that, the notable bands in this genre are premature ejaculation and shadow project.
  • Christian punk: to balance out the evil in death rock, bands: officer negative and MxPx
  • Emo: notables, Paramore, and black veil brides
  • Hardcore punk
  • Pop punk
  • Street punk
  • Cowpunk

In the end, only you know what you like, and I leave you with this enjoy:

Is your favorite punk band listed here? No? Aww. That’s bad. But we’d love to know!