Give Your Drums a New Attitude with a Drum Wrap

Every drummer has their signature look. It might be how they dress, how they perform, or even how their drums look. They go all out especially when it comes to giving their fans the best performance they will ever watch. When it’s time to let go of the usual look and decided to liven up your signature look you start by looking for drum wrap designs that can fit your criteria. There are numerous drum wrap designs that can be used when you decided that your drum kit needs a facelift. Look no further, we gathered up some designs that might just catch your attention.


You don’t need to be in the Military to wrap your kit with this skin. Traditional camo colors are always a win on anything. There’s just something about camo that always seem pleasing to eye and is giving off a cool vibe when looked at. They’re going to wonder where the killer beats are coming from when you skin your kit with this. With these sick wraps, you can hide the kit without hiding the sound.


There is something about wood or anything related to it that is pleasing to the eye so if you’re one of those people, then double your enjoyment and satisfaction by playing your drums while sporting this baby. Bark is the most prominent feature of a tree and will definitely be the same for your kit. Play your sick beats with this incredible tree bark reproduction and like the mighty oak that stands tall in the forest, you’ll be standing tall on stage in front of your audiences.


Going for the mysterious, misty vibe is never this easy to achieve. Stage is not the only one basked in smoke with this smoke drum wrap. Imagine smoky toms into a crisp black background. Definitely a killer look to your heavy playing.


Looking for a vibe that makes you feel warm, hot even then look hot, be hot, and drum hot with this flame drum wrap design. Fire burns through the day, but fire rocks at night. From the classic red and black hot rod flames to traditional gradient, add more soul into your beat and set the stage on fire with this drum wrap and awaken the flame within your audiences.

Animal Fur

Okay, no need to frown there. This is not the type of fur you’re thinking about. Drum wraps, nowadays, are digitally printed making it cheaper and easier to obtain but can last for a long time. If you’re the type that is into fur designs then this one is for you. Thanks to our technology today, you can now achieve this look without harming anything and play your drum wrapped with real-looking fur making it look like your drum set came to life.

These are just some of the designs that you can notice bands are sporting in events and performances. There are more choices to choose from or you can even perform with your own design. When it comes to giving your babies a new brand and style, drum wraps will surely do the trick for you.