The Band

The birth of the rock group Ramones started its way during the musical doldrums of the ’70s along with bandmates Johnny, Joey, and Dee Dee Ramone. Tommy Ramone began his journey as Tom Erdelyi a great engineer working at Record Plant recording studios. He worked and managed the group who participated in the birth of New Wave, Punk Rock, and Alternative music. Ramone is playing three roles in the band which includes being their drummer, manager and also their producer. He helps in making the sound, style, and ideas of what modern rock should become for the group.

Ramone, as an independent producer worked on several recordings such as Love Goes to a Building, On Fire by the band Talking Heads, and the musical albums, Neurotica by Redd Kross, Too Tough to Die of Ramones, and Tim by the group Replacements. The writers of Rolling Stone, Record, The Village Voice, and The LA Times voted the later to be the year’s best album.

Soon, the former group The Simplistics became a partner with Ramone in Uncle Monk. The unique and sincere voice of the singer helped create real meaning to songs, creating amplifications of well-balanced rock and calmness.

Do not be confused with Uncle Monk and Ramones though. Tommy Ramone is a pseudo name after he joined and managed the Ramones within the range of modern punk and alternative music. Later on, Tommy gave up his fake name and withdraws from the band and formed a duo with Claudia Tienan and became as Uncle Monk known for their bluegrass hits and mellows. They both became a total hit releasing their own album.