We know, if you are an avid fan of modern rock you will surely and likely want to know how and where the band has headed today. There are still live websites out there who can help you out find Ramones and see what they are up to today. Go on and explore each of the links until you had enough of the bluegrass melody and the sound of a beautiful modern rock.

Ramones Heaven

An official website made by Jari-Pekka who is operating the website diligently updates the site and do best to keep it up for the fans of Ramones. You can mainly find the helpful information you are looking for here. Explore the site well and find answers you are seeking. You can pretty sure find it here. This website is a legend for recording everything about the Ramones.

Youtube Channel: Music City Roots

Search it up on Youtube and see how Ramones performed Round The Bend live. Get a good hint of bluegrass jam and a sweet mellow of the countryside and a mix of an old ballad of indie hits. Take the time machine and travel back to the old hits and get a feel of a real spirit of modern rock. You may also search up on Youtube for other Uncle Monk hits and other Ramones tracks that you want to hear and see live performing.

Uncle Monk in All Music

Looking to play their music non-stop? Then head over to this page and listen to authentic Bluegrass feels and get warm, nostalgic feelings of your roots. The album has 14 tracks that you should definitely listen to if you still haven’t.

Uncle Monk in CD Baby

If you are an old soul who wants to support Tommy and Claudia to the end, you can head over to this link and buy their album at a reasonably low price.

If you have spent the whole day exploring these websites and still have not found the information you are looking for perhaps go back to the first link and you may find their contact details on the website to ask them directly whether it be about the Ramones or Uncle Monk. The thing is, find your inner bluegrass soul and bask in the glory of this fantastic hit.