During the years of Uncle Monk in music, the group was able to produce seven original soundtracks under their album called Uncle Monk in 2006. The album contains the following soundtracks: Round the Bend, Emotional Needs, Mean to Me, Home Sweet Reality, Friday, Wishing at The Moon, and Name of Game. Their songs touch the modern rock with a hint of sweet mellow.

In 2012 to 2014, Tommy Ramone said the band was working on their second album which they revealed will be a mix of indie songs, bluegrass ballads, old-time jam, romantic songs and some unclassifiable or original mellows. However, the album never got finished until Tommy Ramone died on July 2014 at the age of 65 in his home in New York City.

The fans of the group were greatly dismayed with the sad news and claiming that his band should continue the remaining works of Ramone and release whatever was finished in the name of his efforts and contribution to the development of modern rock and indie music.

Later on, a book titled Ramones: Sound Track of our Lives was released which the fans commented as a wonderful deliverance of the Ramones band. There were also special versions of the band including Cellophane by Richie Ramone, Ya Know album of Joey Ramone, Last Chance to
Dance of CJ Ramone, and Soundtrack of our Lives by the group.

The group was also able to produce singles, bootleg albums, unique stuff such as tributes, special cover albums, and few exciting Ramones releases. Dee Dee and Joey were also able to create their solo albums.
Later on in the Ramones band, it was noted that each band member had their own spotlight moments like Dee Dee Ramones’ who had solo concerts and gigs in 2002, Tommy Ramones and Claudia Rienan’s Band Uncle Monk, and Richie Ramones’ shows in 2017. Richie was able to continue in his passion and have upcoming shows in Los Angeles and California on March 2 and 3.

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